Cycling, Security, Automation and Audio

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Tary was first registered by Gary Tuchmann in 1999 and electronic development and production was the order of the day.

Through a few trials and many long hours, Tary grew and outperformed its expectancy. This led to the acquisition of another company, now the sister company Beron Industries which concentrates solely in manufacturing of wood and engineering products.

Tary grew in the industry and together with Beron Industries manufactured unique equipment for the medical industry.

Many of the developments at the time had been in the security industry.

It was time to revive Tary. In 2006 Tary acquired its new office space and a new life in the area. Primary focus would be to supply, distribute and retail in the Security, Automation, Audio and Computer Industries.

Since then, Tary has grown from strength to strength. Now the Major supplier in the area and acquiring many customers from outside areas.

Tary now supplies many customers throughout South Africa and Southern Africa.

In 2013 Tary Cycles opened its doors!



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